Metal pipes tracing
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Metal pipes tracing

Metal Pipes Tracing

       Before starting the design, construction and exploration works, it is necessary to receive credible information about underground utilities location. However, even if schemes are provided by municipal services, it is necessary to clarify them each time before any excavation work. This can help to avoid damage of underground utilities and their prolonged and costly repairs. Metal detectors can help to detect the presence of metal objects in the ground, while to determine utilities location and depth the devices for underground utilities search – pipe and cable locators – are used. With these devices it is possible to determine exact location, direction, depth, as well as possible defects of utilities (damage of pipelines insulation, breaks of power cables).

As the principle of device operation is based on detection of electromagnetic field defined by the current conductor, the conduction of diagnostics of underground utility in question requires searching equipment set consisting of pipeline locating generator and universal receiver. Additionally, special accessories to connect generator to the utilities are needed.


  • Lack of utilities layouts
  • Convergence of data on utilities location and depth between the layouts and certificates of delineation provided by municipal services
  • Unauthorised tie-ins in water and heat supply systems

Common solutions:

  • Transverse cutting of utilities is carried out to find utility location and depth
  • Utilities mapping based on existing layouts
  • Break of high voltage cables when re-laying utilities (dangerous, expensive)

We offer:

  • Metal pipes tracing
  • Utilities mapping
  • Detection of power cable breaks

Determination of utilities depth before cutting them