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We render professional services in:

1. Mapping and diagnostics of utilities

  • Precise planimetric plotting and area sketching
  • Non-contact diagnostics of metal pipes
  • Detecting leaks, cuts-in, accident probability pipeline sections of various functions
  • Location of insulation defects and breakage in cable lines

2. Monitoringoftransportation facilities to prevent major accident events and disasters

  • Survey of urban road network to locate possible sinkholes
  • Diagnostics of the technical condition and identification of defects in the construction of bridges and overpasses

3. Technical diagnosis of hydraulic technical facilities

  • Estimation of the condition of reinforced-concrete coating and soil properties (detection of cavities, extra water content)
  • Detection of leak ages and areas of their possible occurrence in dam and dykes bodies and their foundations.

4. A detailed study of composition and properties of soils for engineering-geological surveys

  • For foundation designs of buildings and structures
  • For designs of line structures routes
  • Support for trenchless pipelay in gandcable installation of various functions