Leak detection
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Leak detection

Detection of Leaks and Sections with Significant Wear in Pressured Pipelines

Currently the method of detection of hidden leaks or unauthorized tie-ins represents a full set of measures allowing determining place of unauthorised withdrawals or pipe breakage with maximal accuracy.

Correlative leak detectors use two sensors, which must be placed directly on the pipeline on both sides of the potential place of leakage. The device analyses the noises from leak, coming to the sensors, and accurately determines the location from which they originate.

The sensors are connected to the leak detector via radio channel.


  • Heat carrying agent leakage in trunk pipelines
  • Heat carrying agent leakage in local pipelines
  • Water supply system leakage

Common solutions:

  • Leak detection by obsolete correlative leak detectors

We offer:

  • Leak detection by the novel Enigma correlative leak detector
  • Locating unauthorised tie-ins to water and heat supply systems