Linear georadar scan
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Linear georadar scan

Linear GPR Scanning

The success of solving any problem from the simplest one to the most complex one, requires certain knowledge, equipment and facilities. But when the latter only is available, unawareness of opportunities provided by the state-of-the-art science and industry, make useless efforts and costs spent.

Today we offer a unique opportunity to those who are not afraid to apply efforts in the areas previously seemed to be inaccessible. It became possible due to one of the most advanced and unique, by the wide range of its capabilities, geophysical device called ground penetrating radar (GPR).

With the help of GPR it is easy to locate gas, oil and water pipelines, and unauthorized tie-ins into pipelines. GPR can detect metallic and non-metallic objects, voids and heterogeneities of size. GPR really deserves to be called unique as it allows trained operator to 'see through' the stone, soil and water. Virtually, there is no such environment that could hide its secrets from GPR: voids and foreign objects, changes in density and composition, hidden internal structures, and practically any abnormality are opened to GPR. The limits of successful GPR application are enormous:

  • Discovery of soil moistening sources, leaks in water pipelines, manifolds, places of hidden water discharge
  • Discovery of plastic and metal pipes, cables, mapping of hidden utilities are performed by computer processing results of GPR scanning
  • Determination of concrete structures condition. GPR allows determining the presence of voids and cracks, location of reinforcement, soil carrying capacity
  • Old foundations discovery and evaluation of new ones, buried foundations mapping
  • Soil pollution mapping
  • Motor roads and take-off runways inspection (determination of road dressing layer thickness, reinforcement type, defects and watering zones revelation)
  • Determination of dams, bridges and dikes condition. Soils around the perimeter and foundation structure are scanned by GPR
  • Screening of soli slips, karst structures, tectonic deformations
  • Study of geological structure of the territories